Sunday, July 26, 2009

Are we there yet?

As July is wrapping up, and the due date within 3 weeks our house has been a little crazy. Poor Mr. MacGregor has been feeling the pressure to finish up his task list ever since our last appointment.

Not sure if I have shared the drywall story with you or not. A few months ago I got on a hot rock that we had to scrape the popcorn ceiling and re-drywall the babies room. Nesting??? Maybe so... in hind sight I think I have been using this whole nesting business to get a few things done that I had wanted completed for a while now :). Sorry Joey. So... it took one fit about the baby breathing in possible lead based paint and I had my way. Mr. MacGregor promised to fix the nursery before Ellie's arrival. I believe it was Joey's sister that said if you have 9 months to finish a project it will take you 9 months to complete it. Ain't that the truth! :). So we have been busy every weekend.... or just not wanted to do it... or made plans to do other things on the weekends planned for fixing the room. A few months or maybe weeks (not really great at measuring time lately) ago we scraped the popcorn ceiling down. This was only because Joey's family (seeing that we were not making progress) made a project of it and came over to help scrape the ceiling. Step one accomplished. Time goes by and still no urge to finish the room. Suddenly Joey had a feeling that Ellie is going to be here soon so he started the drywall. I was away that afternoon, but came home to find one worn out Joey. Exhausted and extremely frustrated looking he began to explain to me that he had a minor setback. Instead of fixing the drywall... he punched a hole in it. After the fact he realized this was not the smartest thing to do and noticed how close he was to trying to punch through a 2x4. The reason for the frustration and eventual hole in the wall was the mud. He bought some mud from Ace hardware that was really really old. I don't do drywall, but it was really noticeable how chunky it was. Needless to say he fixed the hole before I got home, but not much else was accomplished. After a trip to the home depot & a few more weekends and evenings of drywall, sanding, and texturing the room is finally ready for painting. Now all he has left to do is paint.... finish the closet.... have the AC installed.... Poor Mr. MacGregor. Who knows if the list will ever end.

The last appointment was pretty exciting. I have really had my hopes set on going in to labor on my own rather than being induced or something, and it looks like I may get my wish after all. The Dr. was surprised to report that we were dilated to 2cm. I realize that this does not mean that she will be here tomorrow, or even next week, but I am really excited that my body is already preparing and everything is falling in to place. Can't wait for our appointment this Wednesday!

In other MacGregor news... the whole family is coming to town. Kirsten is getting married this Saturday, so Mom, Ben, Hayli, Darbi, Ry & Kayla should be arriving tonight and Lane on Thursday. Cari & Allen are already close, so it should be a week of eventfulness. I guess that is really all to report for now. Keep checking in with us over the next couple of weeks. I do promise that I will post information (and hopefully pictures) as soon as possible of our little angel. Hope to be posting soon :).


Tagged! 5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Getting married
2. Getting my Real Estate License
3. Working for Coldwell Banker McCarty Realty
4. Taking care of my new puppy tootsie
5. Getting used to living with a spouse

5 Things on my to do list:
1. Have a baby
2. Paint the nursery
3. Prepare everything at work for my 8 week leave
4. Move my craftroom upstairs
5. Turn the current craftroom into a home office/downstairs nursery

5 Things I would do with a million dollars:
1. Pay off home in Show Low Bluff
2. Update current house
3. Make Joey start his own archery shop
4. Start a MacGregor Estate Trust
5. Travel more

5 Places I've lived:
1. Hansen Lane (Big House)- Lakeside
2. Hansen Lane (Little House)- Lakeside
3. 5th Place- Show Low
4. E. Nikolaus- Show Low
5. My office- I spend more time there than at home sometimes

5 Things I hope to be doing in 5 Years:
1. Having another baby
2. Celebrating my 10 year Wedding Anniversary
3. Taking a cruise
4. Going back to Yosemite
5. Working

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So out of touch...

Man... I was doing so good! Sorry to not post any updates for so long. Everyone is alive & well :) Our little girl is still growing healthy and strong. So healthy in strong in fact that she has raised some eyebrows. The Dr. had to measure 3 times at one appointment to try and make her smaller. He didn't have much luck. Kinda gets my hopes up the we will have her sooner rather than later, but still sticking to the 16th in my head. Had another appt yesterday and everything is still good. We have been doing appts every 2 weeks for a while now and they are pretty routine. Crazy how in the beginning every moment in the Dr's office is so intense and important, and around the end it is just... casual. They just kinda have you hang our for a while, check a few things, and have a chat with the big man and send you on your way. We will be 35 weeks on Sunday according to the August 16th due date. I am so excited. I know we have a ways to go, but it just feels like we are on the right track for delivery prior to 08/16. I'm starting to think we should open up a money pool. Joey thinks she'll arrive in about 4 weeks which would put us around August 6th. I am reserving August 17th just to keep my mind on track. I would hate to start believing it was sooner and be miserable after it didn't happen. Would love to hear you guess :).

Everything else is going well. We're just working like crazy, & livin life. Here are a few pictures of the archery shoot and the 4th of July this last weekend. I'm not in them because I'm behind the camera, but I did manage to find a pregnancy picture with Joey's family at a softball game recently (see top of post). I'll work on getting more pictures on I swear. Love you all! Hope all is well for you and yours!