Monday, November 15, 2010

9 months... Seriously?

Yep... that's right. I could have had another baby in the amount of time it has taken me to post a new blog. I didn't... but I could have ;). Alright... short and sweet. Facebook has become my preferred method of sharing my life story, so If you feel like you are missing out check us out there.

Joey- Not sure I can say everything he has been up to since February. How about some recent updates? :). Dang near broke his ankle. He was playing volleyball and he and another guy went up to hit the ball at the same time. He came down on the other guys foot and severely injured his ankle. The doctors say it would have been a quicker recovery if he broke it. That was a month ago. He is just barely getting to walking on it (or should I say limping) this week. Poor guy. To top it off he caught a cold this week. Not sure what it is with Men, but they turn into the biggest babies when they are sick. Maybe if we didn't stack sickness on top of an injury I would be more tolerant, but I'm just not feeling the let me pamper you thing. On the brighter side, he has a little giddy up in his step now that he found out we got drawn for Javelena & spring Turkey. He is also enjoying his Daddy role. He loves that miss Ellie demands his presence, delivers kisses when he tells her "pay the toll", and cuddles him and says ahhhh when he pats his chest and says "show me Daddy's girl".

Ellie- She really is the sweetest dang kid there ever was. She is quite a ham too. Pretty sure she got my humor, although her father would disagree :). The funniest thing is her need for attention. Not sure how I am going to handle it later, but now it is the funniest thing ever! The first thing everyone says when they see her is "What pretty blue eyes". I have noticed lately that she waits for this compliment. We were in Bashas shopping the other day and this little old lady must not have seen her. As she always does when she feels someone accidentally bypassed her she tried to get the lady's attention. "Hiiiiiii" She says in a sweet and teasing tone. The little woman didn't respond. Take 2..... "Hiiiii". No response. She looked at me like a little lab puppy. Her head titled to the side like "Why isn't she noticing me??? She didn't even say what pretty blue eyes I had?" I swear it was the cutest thing! She is SO funny! Makes us laugh every day! She skipped walking all together and went from crawling to running. Seems to be quite a chatter box this week too, although no formal sentenced have formed yet. I don't know if we could love her any more, but there is always tomorrow :).

Me-I feel like my update is always the same. Maybe because it is :). Had our last staff member quit a few weeks ago so it's just me now. The would make 3 formal positions I am covering now. I don't even know how to explain how absolutely behind I am. I have decided to forget any above and beyond and keep my focus on "keeping it legal". So far so good, but I am feeling pretty stressed about dropping all the additional things to get caught up. I am still only working 3 days a week which is amazing for Ellie and I, but complicated for keeping up on my new additions at work. Unfortunately, almost everything in my life has suffered lately from my stress and lack of attention. I don't feel crazy, but I find myself just plain forgetting things and losing track of time. I swear Fridays are Mondays & Tuesdays are Thursdays. Weekends? What are those? I have kept myself so busy either catching up at work, catching up at home, or trying to help someone else do something that I haven't had any down time. Such is life I suppose. So looking forward to going to Kentucky next week and spending a week with family. Hoping it will be the down time I've been fantasizing about.

That's us in a nutshell :). Crazy busy, but happy together. We are still working on that whole slowing down time thing... but still have some kinks to work out.

I'll try to post pics and update more often. No promises for now. I'm already over committed :).


Friday, February 5, 2010

funny mobiles

Ellie thinks it's funny when the mobile stops. Of course it wasn't as overdramatic the second go round, but she still giggles a little bit. I think she knows when she is on camera :).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally... some free time!

Ellie's Room...

Happy Baby in the morning...

Our Beanie Baby...

Deer in the headlights...

Our little Deer...

Ok... I'm not going to lie. I am not the best at updates. So it's been like 5 months.... that's not half bad. Ok, it is. I have been wanting to update this page for a while and have even gotten threats to update or else. Today with all of the beautiful snow I have found myself stuck to do the things that i have been putting of for, well about 5 months now. I'm pretty caught up, except I will need to re-organize Ellie's room and swap out her too small clothes... Again! I swear this child grows like a weed! She is 5 months and she is barely fitting in her 6-9 month clothes! Speaking of the little angel, I can't even explain the joy that she is. She laughs, she rolls over, she sleeps like a rock... no kidding! Like we put her down about 8 ish and I usually have to wake her up for her 7 am feeding. Not to mention she takes 3 full naps a day... and usually without even as much as a whimper. I give FULL credit to babywise! I must have read that book 3 times before she was born (including the time I went through and highlighted my favorite points), and skimmed through those at least another 5 times. Loved it so much I bought the whole series from babywise to teenwise. I think as parents we drastically underestimate how much sleep our kids need. As a result, she is honestly the happiest baby I could ever imagine. She hardly ever cries. Infact, we didn't even know she had an ear infection until it burst and goop came out. She is such a precious girl! She LOVES Daddy time! I'm not sure if she loves it as much as he does, but I'm sure it's close. Today was awesome because Joey got off pretty early and got to spend the rest of the afternoon with us. Now we have 2 more full days of family time this weekend! It's so great!

I guess while we are discussing Mr. MacGregor I should report the last few updates to the hunting story that is his life. I guess I shouldn't make it sound like he has been abandoning us, to tell the truth we have had and awesome time hunting, I just haven't got anything. We have had so much fun down at the Globe house hanging with the family. Audrey & Jeff have been with us which as been awesomely fun, and equally helpful. While I have gone out hunting Audrey has stayed at the house to hang out will Ellie. Jeff and I have had the most fun irritating Joey. It is a full time job... truth be told he is getting much better. It takes quite a bit more than it used to, but we manage now and then by dropping range finders, talking too loud, making the deer run away (ok that last one has been mostly me), sneezing, coughing, pretty much everything there is do to wrong we manage to cover it. I know he has enjoyed it too! Funniest part is he killed both his deer for this year and his pig while Jeff and I were not present. All signs aside we have had a blast finding and chasing deer. Not so much pigs. Couldn't find the little suckers. We saw one of the biggest deer I have ever seen up close. He still makes my heart race to think of him. Good news is we have One more weekend to get our 2010 deer before August. Next weekend it's on!!!

To sum up the last few months we have had a blast. I don't think either of us expected life to be so... active with her being so little. She has been amazing & fun. She is growing faster than we can keep up with, so we are trying to enjoy every little moment. I will try to update soon, but you never know with me. Enjoy the pics :).