Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say cheese...

Another great appointment has come and gone. We had an elective baby pictures/ultrasound appointment yesterday as well as our regular checkup. The whole thing was really cool, but the best part was when Ellie smiled :). We were looking at her chin discussing how it looks like Daddy's chin, and then we got this.

A big smile from our little angel. I don't know that either of us could have been happier. The Dr. says she is probably 6 or 7 days further along than the August 16th date, but at this point it is not enough to readjust the date. She is 3 lbs & measures 30cm. I know we still have a ways to go, but we are really running out of time. I think we are pretty much ready, I have just been so excited lately that I can't even stand it. Still feeling great, just ready to really get out and get into an exercise routine. The weather has been so nice lately that I have no excuse not to anymore :). I guess preparing for childbirth is serious business. One of the books I was reading compared it to training for a marathon. It said it is one of the most physical events you will ever put your body through, therefore you should condition your body to be prepared for it. Sounds pretty inspirational, so I'm gonna go with that for now. Don't be worried... I won't be doing intense training that will put me into early labor or anything... I think more than anything they were referring to the mindset. Mostly yoga ball stuff, my baby yoga, & a ton of walking. They all seem to really make me feel good. Well I'd bettered get going. I'll get you more info soon. TTYL!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Big Kick & Baby Namer

This morning was pretty cool. I know Joey has felt the baby, but he still wasn't sure, because he thought what he was feeling could have been my heavy breathing, my movements etc. This morning as we were lounging in bed he finally knew for sure he felt her! Took him long enough! So he had his hand on my belly and there were little movements here or there that he kinda just shrugged at like.... I guess that could be it, and then bam! Big kicks! She had 3 or 4 of them in just a few minutes. They were unmistakable! He says she was throwing little jabs & a big right punch. So funny. I think the reason he hasn't been able to feel them so far is he is not really around me in her most active time, and I never want to wake him from sleeping when she gets crazy at night. I'm sticking to that because today it was about 8:30 when she was going crazy & usually by that time he has been off to work for several hours already. She also gets pretty active around 4 everyday, but again long before we ever get to see daddy. Other than that we can count on middle of the night kickings and that's about it.

As for the name update.... Boy has this been fun! I will tell you Claire has been eliminated from the running, and Lyla has been fading for a few weeks. Kamri is still a top pick, but to be completely honest the name I want most and Joey is starting to like is Ellie. This one I have loved all along, but Joey put the kibosh on way early on. Over the last few weeks this one keeps coming up! Finally Joey said I could "try it out" for a little while. So we may have found a name after all. Ellie MacGregor. What for a middle name you ask? C'mon people! We're still having trouble with the first name :). Actually... I'm going to throw this one out there. A girl on our softball team found out we were having a girl and said we would have to name her Jolynn. Not really catching on I smiled and said we would think about it. The next day I was discussing the name with Joey and it hit me.... Joey... Lynsi.... Jolyn? Hello? Not sure if it took any of you as long as it took me, but I instantly fell in love with a name I would otherwise not consider. Joey is still not a fan, and honestly I wasn't either, but it's really really really growing on me.

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I think it sounds nice... If you don't please keep it to yourself, because I will likely beat you with a stick for telling me the reasons you hate it. Not that it is a for sure thing, but I am definitely leaning towards it more than anything else. Well... that's really all I have for now. Today we are 26 weeks which would make us roughly 6 1/2 months (depending on how you count). No matter how you look at it we are 14 weeks until full term. Sounds like a ways out now, but it's getting closer and closer! Yikes! I have been able to work through most of my fears, but I am still very nervous for the unknown. Love you all and hope all is going well for you! Talk to you soon!