Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a girl!

We have had an idea for a while, but the appointment today confirms that we are having a little girl! We are so excited! She is now 12 oz, and I think I saw the monitor read the heartbeat at 155 bmp. Not 100% sure on that one. Everything looks really healthy, and it looks like all fingers and toes are present. We even got to see the 4 chambers of the heart. Kinda strange, but really neat, and oddly comforting. I have two favorite moments from this appointment, and I think Joey shares the same two. The first was the hiccups. There was a side view of her and we could see her little heart pumping, and every few seconds you could see her whole body move. She had the hiccups! The second was when we were looking at her face. I don't have any pictures that show it, but we got a really clear view of her and the tech said she had my button nose. We both just smiled. I'll have to watch the video tonight to see what we actually caught on tape, but it was amazing! I was a little cranky going in because I had overfilled my bladder by a long shot, but they let me take care of that and we ended up having a really comfortable sitting. She stayed pretty curled up, but our tech said it was because it was snowing outside. Didn't realize that would make a difference. Next ultrasound (28 weeks) I'm going to revert back to the apple juice approach. So... all is well, everyone is healthy, & we are so excited to start planning a future with our baby girl! I know Joey is going to be wrapped around her finger, and I... well let's just say I will be getting what I deserve. If this little one puts me through half the stuff I put my Mom through I'm really in for it. I can't wait! Thank you all for the love, support & prayers! We really do appreciate it. Love you so much! ~The MacGregors

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cribs & kicking & puppies...OH MY!

Spring is well on its way and there is plenty of action going on at the MacGregor house.

Cribs...We finally got the crib put together (finally meaning we bought it like 6 weeks ago, and after pushing weekend after weekend Joey finally broke down and put it together as I watched). I have to be honest this was a bitter sweet thing to do. Seeing it put together is so sweet and beautiful, and excites me to no end. On the other hand, it is giving me a little bit of a reality check and I have never been more scared in my life! I started reading this book called baby wise. Controversial yes... but hear me out. I am almost done with it, and I am so amazed at what it has given me. I feel like I really have a "realistic" idea of what life after labor is like. Before I imagined perfectly clean clothes, a big baby smile, giggles at bath time, and just plain bliss. I know it will be, but now I am starting to really understand that it's not as easy as I've imagined. There will be crying, and screaming, and poop, and stains on the favorite outfit and of course sleepless nights. It's going to be real life. For those of you who have children you are giving me the duh.... comment right about now right? Seriously though.... this is my first time. Now that I have accepted this truth, I have been able to really move forward and still be very excited for our new addition.

Kicking... I have been really hesitant and unsure of what this was going to be like. Yesterday as I was reclining reading a book I finally felt something. Not a violent kick, or even anything that said "hey this is me"! It was a very gentle movement in my tummy that felt like I was either really nervous or borderline sick. Just a little tickle. The funny thing was it was more noticeable when Joey was talking to me. The more he would talk the more butterflyish it got. I am pretty positive this was our first movements. I had thought there was movement 3 times before, but wasn't sure if it was gas, or just plain craziness. Still not sure what all that was, but it didn't feel like this. It was so subtle I think I could miss it altogether if I wasn't really paying attention. Loved it!

Puppies... this one takes the cake on the SHOCK factor. Our crazy dog tootsie had puppies! AGAIN! She just had a batch in September. I was under the impression dogs only had a cycle twice a year so had no thoughts of her even being pregnant. Last Saturday we were eating breakfast with the Nephews when Joey reported strange activity by Tootsie. After further investigation she was indeed acting strange. She had 3 puppies! We had no idea she was pregnant, and didn't even think she looked pregnant. I guess 3 compared to the 8 she carried last time didn't really look like much. Mom & pups are doing really well and we think we have already found homes for two of them. Although they were unexpected they really have been fun to have around. I do love puppies! They are just so clumsy cute! So if anyone is looking for a chocolate lab you're in luck. These babies are free to a good home and should be ready after April 25th. Let me know soon, because I really do think Joey has 2 reserved. There was 1 Boy and 2 girls.

Alrighty! I'm going to get back to it now. Hope all is well with all of you! I'll let you know what we find out at next Mondays appointment! Oh... just as a side note. A friend of ours (A.C.) went in at 16 weeks and they said she was having a girl, but at the 20 week appt they found out it was really a boy! Not saying that will be the case... but it you want to change your vote I would do it now :0) Luv u! MacGregors

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the amazing appointment....

What an amazing appointment we had today! We had heard from a few sources that the Dr. I go to has let people see at 16 weeks what there were having. I wasn't going to ask for it, but I wanted to be prepared just incase. Joey had heard from a friend to drink apple juice before you go in because it gets the baby moving around. Little did we know this decision would be the reason we were able to have an ultrasound this month. Because of all the sugar the baby was moving around too much and they couldn't get a heartbeat.... so we got to get an ultrasound! I had been looking forward to this since our first because I had tons of worries that the baby might not be growing like it should... etc. I'm told the worries never go away. It turns out the baby is growing just as it should. We are a healthy 6 oz, and the heartbeat was 164. It was incredible! The baby was moving around so much! It was precious! I've seen other peoples ultrasound pics, but not really go into it. So different this time around. To see it move and squirm was amazing! I knew it was happening, but not being able to feel it yet it was still pretty amazing how much it is moving! It seemed that when I would say something it would respond. Loved it! Alright... so I realize if you wern't there these pics don't mean the same thing, but I will try to interpret.

This is the face of our little angel. You can see it's right hand up next to it's mouth.

This one shows a head (I think it is the face, but the tech didn't say it was or wasn't), a left hand, a plump tummy & a long umbilical cord streaming off to the right.
Here is a side view of baby MacGregor. The cutest thing was the legs crossed. You can't really tell here, but it was one of my favorite moments. Head up top, right arm covering face, and right leg.

This one is the most controversial pic. According to the tec we are looking a the babies rump as if it were sitting on a glass table. So... if you look at the 3 lines she pointed out this picture would indicate we are having a little girl. We still will not know for another month, but that is what we know for now.
So... as you can see it really was a very eventful appointment. I'm not sure if I'm ready to start calling it a "she" yet, but it's almost hard not too. I will promise to refrain from purchasing girl stuff until the next appointment when we really do have a better idea, but I'm feelin pretty good about the tech being right on the money. I can't explain the amazingly good feelings coming out of that appointment. Everything is going so well, progressing as it should, and I'm feeling super lately! I guess I am waiting for someone to tell me it has all been a dream. I can't believe we will finally have a little angel of our own. With our nose... our eyes... and our curly brown hair (heaven forbid this child should come out blonde or red headed :0) I might have some splainin to do). We could not be more excited about our little miracle.